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January 21, 2019


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The Importance of an eBay Analytics Software.

Many people are using the online platform in carrying out their shopping or deciding on what they will be buying and one of the places where sellers and buyers meet is eBay. Anyone can be a seller on eBay but how many sales you get is all dependent on your effort. You can drive up sales quickly if you know the tricks that will get you there. The number of people who have items in online shopping carts which have not been checked out is high. When you seek to identify the reason for that, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. The best way to make a decision that will have a positive impact on your job is by getting the facts right. You can track every cent you are using in business operation through the eBay analytics software. The most common expenses include marketing, eBay fees, advertising, tariffs, supplies, customs, and shipping costs. When you have a good idea of how much you spend in a month or week in such, you can be more aware of where your money is going and whether there is a way to cut costs. Another reason you should get the eBay analytics software is to help you know how the competitors have priced their goods. People will always take a look at the prices and then consider if the quality is good. When you reprice the goods based on what the competitors are offering, you can beat them at the game.

The eBay analytics software also compiles data about the conversion rate. CR is the number of sales you have made divided by the number of views you have got on the website. Many people usually have a 1.35% conversion rate on eBay. You should keep on reviewing your conversion rate to avoid going below the average because this will mean a dip in the sales. A good conversion rate can also push you at the top of search results which is one of the best things you can ever get. When you have not invested in the eBay analytics software, you will have a difficult time achieving that. If you do not want disappointment when choosing an eBay analytics software, look no further than ZIK Analytics and you can get it from this website.

Sometimes the listing might not be receiving as many clicks as you would want. The eBay analytics software can help in pinpointing the problem. Once you put up a new listing, the click through rates will let you know how many people have seen it and the number that has actually clicked on the listing. In the event that you haven’t found a good eBay analytics software, check out ZIK Analytics.