Choose a Curing Oven That Saves Time and Money

March 8, 2019


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Improperly cured paint jobs cost manufacturers money and can ruin reputations. The damage that results from the lack of curing is impossible to ignore. Chipped paint, corrosion, and poor color quality are just a few of the examples of what can happen. The added expense caused by this type of problem can come from recoating, refunds to the customer or wasted items that cannot sell. The most common reason the issue arises is due to the curing oven used by the manufacturer or finish company. Many manufacturers now use a camel back design to avoid this concern.

Keep it Consistent

Curing a finish is not just about reaching a specific temperature. An effective oven keeps the perfect temperature stable without dips or rises for the proper length of time. A Camel Back Oven achieves this step. The ovens also have a lower level of heat loss when compared to other styles that help to lower the cost of operation.

Make it Efficient

Camel backs can cure a single bulky item or several small projects at the same time. It is a versatile design that ensures a speedy process. The ovens allow multiple colors to cure at once without the risk of any cross-contamination, so operations never have to slow down or come to a halt to finish a custom paint job.

Supply More Variety

Manufacturers, woodworkers, automotive companies and many other industries will find these ovens offer the flexibility they need. The units cure powder coated and wet spray components. They accept electricity, diesel or LPG to heat the unit, so the owners can choose the fuel source most affordable to them. Businesses can custom design ovens to fit any warehouse or buy assembled models.

A failed paint job could result in the loss of all the time and material that the manufacturer invested in that item. Every business needs to save money, increase efficiency and supply their customers with the best product available, just to survive. The more parts that cure at a time, the shorter the duration for a perfect finish and the least amount of wasted materials ensures a more profitable organization.