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Choosing the Best Combination for Cabinets and Countertops in the Kitchen

January 19, 2019

Kitchen Improvements

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It’s also crucial to have an established budget and stick to it. This way, bringing home samples to fall in love with won’t end up in disappointment at the store when realizing they are well out of the set price range.

Lifestyle Plays an Important Role

As mentioned above, the person or family needs and lifestyle should be first when browsing new countertops and cabinets. Kitchen cabinet dealers carry a variety of options to include bass styles and tall options to keep things out of reach of children, or make them more accessible. Need to save floor space and have ample storage? These are things to take into consideration.

Do the same for countertops. Concrete, granite and would need maintenance such as oiling and sealing, but laminate, stainless steel, quartz and engineered stones take very little. Consider how easily they can stain as well. Marble is known for staining easily.


Textures and colors are also very important considerations. Kitchen cabinet dealers offer solid wood, metal, bamboo, glass and other materials. Some cabinets may be painted or stained as well. Consider contrasting colors when matching cabinets to countertops, such as black and white. Also, a great way to be bold and contemporary is to pick a bright color and combine it with stainless steel.

Laminate is known for offering many colors and patterns, and is a best seller for kitchen cabinet dealers. Search for countertops that have flex of color and then compliment those flecks by choosing a cabinet that matches. Combine glass with wood to create an interesting combo of textures.

Be Stylish

If not changing the existing décor of the room, it’s important to match the decorating style when choosing cabinetry and countertops. Dark cabinets enhance stainless-steel appliances, and granite looks stunning with wood that’s distressed and old-world style.

Most kitchen cabinet dealers have displays set up to give the renovator an idea of what materials and colors look stunning together. White cabinets in a Cape Cod style look beautiful with ceramic tile countertops. Bamboo with glass countertops is a green living choice that many are making in 2016. Whatever is chosen, addressing the lifestyle and budget first will help narrow it down.


Speaking of budget, one way to save big when working with a local kitchen cabinet dealer is to consider pre-fab or rebuilt cabinets. These cabinets come in standard sizes, finishes and styles. They may also be called RTA or ready to assemble.

In fact, many savvy homeowners choose to get these cabinets, which are just as strong as their custom counterparts, and stain or paint them to the desired finish. Choose tile and laminate countertops for stock cabinets to save even more; or go for the gusto and get the granite, glass or marble counters since there was so much saved on cabinetry. These are things to consider!

Regardless, a good kitchen cabinet dealer will be able to offer plenty of options and all the necessary information to get the most out of a kitchen investment.

Glossy Kitchen Worktops and Kitchen Doors

January 19, 2019

Kitchen Improvements

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Bored of your existing kitchen setup

It is quite boring and monotonous to work in the same kitchen for years. People usually go for a change in living room, guest room and even bedrooms but rarely do they prefer a change in the kitchen set up. However with the change in the mindset, introduction of new age technology and interior designers introducing new concepts for innovative and attractive kitchens that people have now started to focus on their kitchens too.

What kind of changes you should have in your kitchen?

The change should be a real change. It should not only be a fancy or a cosmetic change with just a new paint or change in the crockery. A dull or overused stained kitchen can have a glossy and new look by changing the kitchen worktops with glossy designer kitchen tops that would accentuate the entire image of the kitchen. Cost is one factor but if you go for a planned change with just changing the worktops and the doors you would have a completely renovated kitchen at a very low cost.

What is a designer kitchen?

You must have heard of modular kitchens. These were introduced almost a decade before, and brought a great relief to the women and the housemaids that used to spend a considerable time in the kitchen. Modular kitchens made the work place more hygienic, sleek and comfortable with good storage space and ease of working. With the passage of time, architecture and interiors have become more technology-oriented with artistic designing and sufficient use of space and gadgets. Electronic accessories are now placed in such a way that the worktops and shelves get more attractive by the use of glossy and designer material.

Are Open Kitchens out?

Designers still patronize the concept of open kitchens. Yet, gradually people have realized that kitchens with doors are more hygienic, safe and better. With open kitchens, the privacy of cooking food gets lost. Moreover, the entire preparation and the mess that happens while cooking a main course meal gets reflected to everyone. Moreover, there is always the pressure to maintain and upkeep the kitchen all the time as it gives a very bad impression if anyone sees your kitchen to be untidy and chaotic. With glossy kitchen doors, you get the opportunity to maintain the privacy of your kitchen along with giving a sleek look with ample of space. So you need not worry about the space that the door will occupy as we are experts in designing the kitchen according to your room specifications.

What kind of Designer Kitchens is available?

The designer kitchen worktops and kitchen doors depends upon the taste and preference of the client. There can be one section for children where the tiles and the shelves can be very colorful so that it sparkles. The grocery and the grain section can be of different shade and texture. Poultry, meat and other ingredients can be managed in a separate section.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5 Popular Kitchen Counter Top Materials

January 19, 2019

Kitchen Improvements

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Counter tops play a crucial role in setting the mood in a kitchen. They also have a functional role to play as they serve as a suitable worktop for your cooking, baking, prepping, and other needs. Such work surfaces in the kitchen can be made with many materials. Each of them works for different interior settings, and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here is a look at 5 popular picks for kitchen counter tops.

• Granite

Granite is possibly the most widely used materials for kitchen counter tops. This mottled appearance of granite displays a beautiful array of colors and patterns that works just fine traditional and transitional themes. Each piece of granite is unique, so you also bring in this exclusivity to your kitchen when you opt for this material. Additionally, splashes, nicks, cuts, heat marks etc. do not show up on such surfaces, and hence, wear and tear is less visible on granite counter tops. On the downside, granite needs to be sealed well to avoid stains. The material is also extremely heavy, so it can only be fitted over cabinets that are strong and sturdy.

• Marble

Marble is a material that looks and feels rich in any interior setting. Its luminescent surface and unique veining make it an unmatched choice for traditional homes. The elegance exuded by a marble counter top is unmatched by any other stone. It tolerates heat well, and hence is an apt choice for pastry and baking needs. However, marble forms stains easily, even when sealed. It also forms cracks and chips easily. As a result, it becomes less sensible to use marble throughout the kitchen counter top – most home owners restrict the use of marble to a limited space.

• Zinc

This metal that is seen in commercial kitchen is now a favorite in residences too. This old-fashioned material is a good pick for those who love metallic counter tops. Zinc has a soft, matte look, and develops a rich patina with time, and over use. The material is also malleable, making it a great pick for detailing. The anti-microbial properties of Zinc also add to the appeal of this metal in kitchen work surfaces. Zinc can also be cleaned easily with just a swipe of a cleaning cloth and mild liquid. The metal however, is expensive. It develops scratches and heat marks easily, which can spoil the appearance of the counter top. Acids and liquids can also react with the surface and leave undesirable marks on the worktop.

• Laminates

Laminate counter tops are made with a blend of paper, resins, and particle boards fused to one another. It has been a popular pick for decades, also owing to its considerably lower cost. Laminate counter tops today are as stylish as work surfaces made from any other material. Many improved designs mimic actual stones, wood, and other expensive materials, but can be fitted at a fraction of the cost of the original. Laminate is also easy to clean and maintain, and can be fitted over light cabinetry as well. On the other hand, this material is prone to scratches, burns, and some kind of stains. Also, the layer that make the laminate can peel over time and use. Laminates also don’t work with under mount sink, and can be difficult to repair or replace if damaged.

• Wood/Butcher’s block

Wooden counter tops are a classic addition to kitchen spaces. They always retain their freshness, and are ideal for country, rustic, and cottage styled kitchens. The warm and natural feel of wood tones is inviting in kitchen spaces. Even if scratches develop, you can buff them down, or leave them as is for that shopworn look. On the downside, wood expands and contracts with exposure to moisture and heat. It can also warp or crack if not treated properly. The block also needs to be oiled to fill in scratches, and to keep the counter top well protected.

In addition to the above, you can use soapstone, engineered stone, recycled glass, pewter, and many other materials on your kitchen counter tops.

The Importance of Good Kitchen Lighting

January 19, 2019

Kitchen Improvements

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With the kitchen being one of the most traveled rooms in many homes, good kitchen lighting is important to its overall design and feeling.

The practice of implementing good lighting design is a popular and cost effective project that many homeowners choose to undertake in order to give their kitchens an extra personal touch and have it stand out from others.

There are several places, many of which some don’t ever consider, to add lighting. Did you ever think about kitchen cabinet lighting or kitchen lighting over the sink? These are just two places where extra lighting to go in order to accent your appliances and other kitchen fixtures.

Through the right design decisions, you can improve your kitchen’s look and create a positive ambiance that you, your family and guests will greatly appreciate.

In order to do that, however, it’s important to know what the different types of kitchen lighting are and how they are typically implemented into the design of a kitchen.

The four types of lighting to consider before beginning a kitchen remodeling project are task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting and accent lighting. Each of these types of lighting serves a different purpose than the others, so getting acquainted with each one would be to your advantage while you’re in the planning stages of your project.

Ambient lighting is often the most prevalent type of lighting. Its low intensity creates a soft glow that makes it safe to work in most areas of the kitchen. Many people associate ambient lighting with setting the mood in a room not just in kitchens, but in places like restaurants and bars as well. The right amount of ambient light can make a room welcoming and homely.

Task lighting is a type of kitchen lighting that provides a more high intensity glow. It’s because of this that task lighting is often limited to places like the sink and cabinets, where being able to see is important. To get the most use out of this type of lighting, look into putting it not only over your sink, but over type other heavy-use kitchen items like cutting boards and stoves as well.

Accent lighting is designed to show things off. If you have an expensive new refrigerator or another item in your kitchen such as rare dishware that you want people to notice, then this is the type of lighting to use for that. It doesn’t make the working areas of your kitchen more functional places, but its aesthetic value has made it popular with homeowners performing kitchen renovations nonetheless.

Lastly, there is decorative lighting. This type of kitchen lighting allows you to make the space truly your own. Whatever the design of the lights, it’s important to remember the old adage of “less is more” with decorative lighting. Overdoing it with decorative lighting can make for a gaudy and flashy appearance whereas a minimalist approach can bring an understated refinement to the room.

The Benefits of a Large Kitchen Set

Every kitchen has got the potential for functionality, display, and storage. The saddest part of life is the fact that many of our kitchens do not have all these things. Having a large kitchen helps you solve the issue. It also looks beautiful. When you are choosing or designing a home, it is a great thing if you are able to have one at your disposal. Some of the benefits include:

Storage and Cabinetry

If you have ever used a kitchen that doesn’t have adequate space for storage, then getting a big one will be a great thing for you. You can have as many shelves and drawers as you possibly want. You can also install recycling bins and any other component that you may have always felt is necessary for your home.

Enough for the Kids

A large kitchen is always a perfect option where kids are involved. Regardless of what you want them to help with, a large kitchen will accommodate all of you without the cramped feeling. You can have them in there so as to watch them easily. You can also install amenities like refrigerated drawers and microwaves in the reach of the young ones in case they need something without you around. You can place amenities for your kids comfortably within reach so as to teach them some bit of independence.

Seating Space

Having some extra seating space is always a great asset for homeowners. This is an area where you can have your informal dining. When your extended family or friends join you for dinner, preparing and serving your meals doesn’t become as hectic as it is normally where there are smaller kitchens.


Sometimes one needs more floor space while others you need some extra counters. A large kitchen allows you to do whatever you feel is necessary. This becomes evident when you are making a huge meal for a lot of people who want to help.

Additional Kitchen Amenities

When you have a large kitchen, it becomes very easy to have all the amenities that you may have always wanted in the same place. This is how you make the kitchen a functional area that is useful for you and your household. This is how a kitchen becomes the main cooking and entertainment hub.

Material Options

There are many materials that you can choose from for a functional large kitchen. There are budget materials and costly ones according to your budget. A countertop dealer can help you when you are choosing the best material.

Everyone now has a legitimate reason as to why they should have a large kitchen since the benefits are many. You can enjoy the better seating area and versatility at all times. Many people struggle with decoration and design of the kitchen due to the limited area that is usually available. So as to make such a kitchen functional and look great at the same time, a lot of work has to be done. A small kitchen makes you sacrifice a lot of things but with the larger option, the styles that you can have within have no limits. There are a lot of things that can be done so as to make the space look very special.